GorgeLink.Org is undergoing an overhaul.

Sorry for any inconvenience

After a couple years of not being able to properly administer the GorgeLink.Org website due to homelessness after ongoing health care of a terminally ill parent I have decided to completely re-do the main GorgeLink website and moving some services to new domains. I'm leaving some portions active and they can be accessed using the links in the menu even though many are outdated they are quite adequate as historical artifacts.

I am considering moving the old Community Resources Directory over to GorgeLink.Xyz and installing Friendica at GorgeLink.Click for social networking for the Gorge and people who love it.

It has been an interesting nineteen years.

The first five years the hosting was paid for by Extra Terrestrial Trucking and the last fourteen years have been paid by yours truly. A special thanks to a certain NA group who helped with hosting for this year by hiring R2 to provide DJ services at a couple of their events!

People have asked why I wasted my time and money on this excercise in futility. Well, it's not the only one, there are others; I spent a lot of time helping build a low-power radio station that can't even reach all of my zip code, for instance.

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