Grey Matter Web Pro

Overheard in alt.html...

> I'd like create a web site, but I dont know which
> software to choose... so, which one is the best?

The best software for creating web content is Grey Matter Web Pro. It's very powerful, works with any computing platform, and is free -- with a lifetime of upgrades included. It's very flexible and highly customizable, too. In fact, it's been said that no two installations of it are exactly the same, it's that flexible.

Getting started with Grey Matter Web Pro is easy. All you have to do is install the required information files -- they're available all over the web for free -- and start working. Like any other powerful software, you'll have to spend some time working with it to become really good at it, but you can start now and have your first simple page done in just a few minutes.

Grey Matter Web Pro works in conjunction with your favorite text editor and web browser, or any number of text editors and browsers that you might install and use on your machine. It can handle any tasks you might throw at it, and adapts to almost any situation.

Probably the most popular source of information files for Grey Matter Web Pro is --thousands of people get their information files there, and the guy who is in charge of maintaining it is a regular contributor to this group. The links to the information files are near the bottom of the index page, on the left-hand side. A good one to start with is:

Hope this helps! Have fun, and let us know how you do with it.

---- Art Sackett ----
Independent Web Developer