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Special Characters
This list has been shamelessly copied from the HTML Quick Reference Guide.

ISO Latin-1 characters

À  À  capital A, grave accent      ï    ï  small i, diæresis/umlaut   
à  à  small a, grave accent        Ð     Ð  capital Eth, Icelandic
Á  Á  capital A, acute accent      ð     ð  small eth, Icelandic
á  á  small a, acute accent        Ñ  Ñ  capital N, tilde        
     capital A, circumflex        ñ  ñ  small n, tilde               
â   â  small a, circumflex          Ò  Ò  capital O, grave accent      
à  à  capital A, tilde             ò  ò  small o, grave accent             
ã  ã  small a, tilde               Ó  Ó  capital O, acute accent      
Ä    Ä  capital A, diæresis/umlaut   ó  ó  small o, acute accent        
ä    ä  small a, diæresis/umlaut     Ô   Ô  capital O, circumflex   
Å   Å  capital A, ring              ô   ô  small o, circumflex            
å   å  small a, ring                Õ  Õ  capital O, tilde             
Æ   Æ  capital AE ligature          õ  õ  small o, tilde               
æ   æ  small ae ligature            Ö    Ö  capital O, diæresis/umlaut 
Ç  Ç  capital C, cedilla           ö    ö  small o, diæresis/umlaut   
ç  ç  small c, cedilla             Ø  Ø  capital O, slash                   
È  È  capital E, grave accent      ø  ø  small o, slash          
è  è  small e, grave accent        Ù  Ù  capital U, grave accent           
É  É  capital E, acute accent      ù  ù  small u, grave accent        
é  é  small e, acute accent        Ú  Ú  capital U, acute accent      
Ê   Ê  capital E, circumflex        ú  ú  small u, acute accent        
ê   ê  small e, circumflex          Û   Û  capital U, circumflex          
Ë    Ë  capital E, diæresis/umlaut   û   û  small u, circumflex            
ë    ë  small e, diæresis/umlaut     Ü    Ü  capital U, diæresis/umlaut 
Ì  Ì  capital I, grave accent      ü    ü  small u, diæresis/umlaut      
ì  ì  small i, grave accent        Ý  Ý  capital Y, acute accent      
Í  Í  capital I, acute accent      ý  ý  small y, acute accent        
í  í  small i, acute accent        Þ   Þ  capital Thorn, Icelandic       
Î   Î  capital I, circumflex        þ   þ  small thorn, Icelandic         
î   î  small i, circumflex          ß   ß  small sharp s, German sz           
Ï    Ï  capital I, diæresis/umlaut   ÿ    ÿ  small y, diæresis/umlaut

Additional characters from ISO 8859-1

        non-breaking space          ± ± ± plus-or-minus sign          
¡ ¡  ¡ inverted exclamation mark   ² ²   ² superscript two          
¢ ¢   ¢ cent sign                   ³ ³   ³ superscript three        
£ £  £ pound sign                  ´ ´  ´ acute accent             
¤ ¤ ¤ general currency sign       µ µ  µ micro sign                
¥ ¥    ¥ yen sign                    ¶ ¶   ¶ pilcrow (paragraph sign) 
¦ ¦ ¦ broken (vertical) bar       · · · middle dot               
§ §   § section sign                ¸ ¸  ¸ cedilla                  
¨ ¨    ¨ umlaut/dieresis             ¹ ¹   ¹ superscript one          
© ©   © copyright sign              º º   º ordinal indicator, male  
ª ª   ª ordinal indicator, fem      » »  » angle quotation mark, right   
« «  « angle quotation mark, left  ¼ ¼ ¼ fraction one-quarter          
¬ ¬    ¬ not sign                    ½ ½ ½ fraction one-half             
­ ­    ­ soft hyphen                 ¾ ¾ ¾ fraction three-quarters       
® ®    ® registered sign             ¿ ¿ ¿ inverted question mark        
¯ ¯   ¯ macron                      × ×  × multiply sign                 
° °    ° degree sign                 ÷ ÷    ÷ division sign