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Advanced HTML HotPro has LOTS of tags to play with. You can do some killer forms and tables with this capable HTML Editor/Web Page Generator, and even set up your fonts when you start your page design!

HTML Builder is nice for listing favorite sites and making comments about them. It has a place to set up to six favorites, do HEADINGS in sizes 1,2 and 3 as well as tags for bold and italic text formatting.

HTML Jive is a simple page generator great for doing pages with lists. One nice feature is being able to turn the HELP feature on and off.

PageMaker lets you preview what color other choices are going to be because it changes its own page background color when you select the background color in a select list! It does FORMS, LISTS and TABLES!!

Speed Page Generator is set up to give you 5 paragraphs and space for five links. Nice for concentrating on CONTENT without a lot of interface clutter.

TRU's EZ Web Page Maker is a simple editor with a a nicely laid out intereface, but if you save your previewed page in IE, it adds a space between EVERY LETTER on the page. Better to VIEW SOURCE and save that way.

These pups are pretty powerful, but the hack is saving your work. For security reasons, most browsers have java and javascript limited to varying degrees, and you may not be able to go "FILE" then "SAVE". I usually just open a Notepad window and copy all the code to there, then save as txt or html.

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