About Masters Blend

Masters Blend is an a cappella vocal group whose mission is to perform in prisons as we sing our praises to Our Lord.

Please visit our downloads page for samples of hymms sung by Masters Blend in mp3, ogg, and wav formats.

About our Mission

Our Mission is to go into the prisons and sing for the prisoners under the auspices of North West Prison/Jail Ministries, A Ministry of Christ's Church.

About our web sites

We have been praying for some help in promoting our ministry and our prayers were answered when James Randall recorded us and produced a CD from that recording that has 18 songs. Ric, Jims's audio technician, blessed us with the loan of a digital workstation and two mikes for the recording and Jim provided two mikes in order to record in four tracks.

GorgeLink.Org blessed us with hosting and bandwidth at their site and set up two mirror sites for us at other domains as well so we could share our first CD with the world at large in the most popular audio formats.

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