The Mission of Masters Blend

Our Primary Mission has been to go into the prisons and sing for the prisoners under the auspices of North West Prison/Jail Ministries, a Ministry of Christ's Church.

We share the blessings

Our Secondary Mission is to bring our music (via copies of our first CD and the internet) to people who cannot be there for our performances so everyone can join in fellowship and worship wherever in the world they are without money changers in our temple, just everybody in His name.

Please bless us by sharing

We are blessed every time someone invites us into their homes by downloading our worhip and praise and storing it on their hard drives and mp3 players and when they make a new copy of our CD to share. We are even more blessed whenever some one is listening and singing along, when we are gathered with them in His name!

We are always happy for blessings in the form of donations to North West Prison/Jail Ministries to help us with the logistical costs of getting us to the prisons to sing for them and then home again. But we also realize that not everyone can help that way, so we ask that you bless us by sharing our music with anyone who would like to join in praise and worship. If you have the bandwidth and a CD burner you can download the wave files and compile your own audio CD and share copies. You can download the mp3s and share for listening on your portable music players.

Please visit our downloads page for hymns sung by Masters Blend in mp3, ogg, and wav formats.

If you do find yourself inspired to help us in our mission to bring our songs to the prisoners we perform for you may send your donations to:
Northwest Prison/Jail Ministries
PO Box 767
Goldendale, WA 98620

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